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A complete application includes the following:


* The electronic application form is accessible HERE.

* Two letters of recommendation are required.

* An academic transcript is required.  An unofficial transcript is acceptable.   

* Send (un)official transcript and recommendation letters to For each email submission, please note "Transcript: " or "Letter of recommendation: " with the student name in the subject header.



Applicants must meet the following requirements:
  • U.S. Citizenship or permanent residence
  • Be currently enrolled in a college/university
  • Be a sophomore, junior, or senior in the Fall of 2024
  • Have completed at least one college-level math/stat/data science course
  • Be COVID-19 vaccinated and boosted and follow the health and safety guidelines of Georgetown University
  • If accepted, you are expected to solely participate in the REU program full-time. Any exception requires SPIRAL/SPATIAL-Stats Director permission.
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